Our Fleet

Golden-Agri Stena (GS) focuses on intermediate size vessels up to 25,000 DWT and covering intra-Asia transportation of edible oils, chemicals and CPP for Golden Agri-Resources and third party customers.

In GS we believe that palm oil should always travel first class. Caring for our next generations, we adopt an environmentally friendly approach to our logistic solutions. We believe that the supply chain from plantation to the end-customer should be completed in a sustainable and responsible way. We therefore manage our vessels in a fuel efficient and safe manner which benefits all parties involved and strengthens our corporate social responsibility.


The upgraded and fuel efficient A-Class vessels enable GS to provide efficient oil transportation solutions within regions that require flexibility and compliance with restricted ports while focusing on safety and service.


With the upgraded 14 segregator, Interline 9001 coated, highly sophisticated reliable F-Class design and its ability to swap between edible oils, chemicals and CPP cargoes, GS is able to provide first class oil transportation solutions for most oil companies with full flexibility, never losing focus on quality, safety and service.

Time Charter-Vessels

We have additional vessels on time charter (TC) that we trade between the Arabian Gulf and Far East-region. To complement the A and F-Class vessels in our typical palm/chemicals trade we have taken in good quality tonnage which can be reflected in our TC-fleet today.

Fleet Profile
Vessel DWT Built Coating IMO
GSW Fighter 17,527 2009 Interline 2
GSW Forward 17,527 2009 Interline 2
GSW Future 17,527 2009 Interline 2
GSW Fabulous 17,527 2008 Interline 2
GSW Adventure 9,599 2009 Epoxy 2
Golden Avenue 9,599 2009 Epoxy 2
FSL London 19,966 2006 Stainless Steel 2
FSL New York 19,970 2006 Stainless Steel 2