Stories Of GS


September 2012

A joint venture between Stena Weco (SW) and Golden Agri-Resources (GAR) was created and Golden Stena Weco (GSW) was formed. Both organizations are determined to create a quality logistic center that acts both as a charterer and an owner, in a manner that is summarized in our motto: “First Class Palm Oil Partners”.

From the left: Johan Wedell – Wedellsborg (Dannebrog), Franky Widjaja (GAR) and Dan Olsson (Stena)

With these three signatures GSW was established. At that time with only five people on board and yet no vessels; but the goal was clear and resources committed.

March 2013

No owner house is considered complete without owing any vessel. Hence we are proud to have our first vessel GSW A. We quickly bought another similar size vessel and group them A-Class (10000 DWT) fleet

December 2013

We believe that it was a need for an increase in the intermediate chemical tanker segment in Asia and therefore purchase our F-Class (18700 DWT) series into our fleet.

November 2016

To further strengthen and reach our common goal of building a strong business in the shipping industry. There is a need to build a team with both local and global market expertise, investing in vessels and providing logistic seaborne solution strategically. Thus, we have decided to put our foot into Arabic Gulf by setting office in Dubai, UAE. This will not only improve our service as owner to our customers, expose ourselves to first-hand market information around the region.

May 2017

Stena Bulk announce the taking over the remaining stake of Stena Weco. Golden Stena Weco is to be renamed as Golden-Agri Stena (GS).

Today we have built a full-fledged shipping team with a fleet of intermediate vessels operating world-wide.

Our strategy and decisive vision continues to lead us to even greater accomplishments in the future.