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Spirit of Golden-Agri Stena

Care, Innovation and Performance are Golden-Agri Stena’s core values and building blocks for a successful business and satisfied customers. We have implemented these values to ensure the highest quality of service is delivered both when acting as owners as well as charterers.

Care means that we show commitment in everything we do. We want to build on long-term and value-creating relationships with our customers. We care for our employees and partners and want to maintain and develop the right expertise within our business. This long-term perspective will guide continued sustainable development and growth of the business.

We deliver innovation through always exploring and developing tailored solutions for our customers. Innovation means adopting an entrepreneurial mindset and always finding new ways of doing things better. This is the key to development and in line with the entrepreneurial spirit we share with our partners.

With the right resources and the freedom to put theory into practice, we keep on reaching for new heights through innovative solutions.

Going the extra mile, being proactive and helping our customers to reach their objectives is a must to deliver performance. We take time to thoroughly understand our customers’ business and see each of them as unique, with the aim to add value by tailoring the best solutions for their needs.