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The management of one gurdwara in England imposed a restriction on Maskeen ji for his lectures in that gurdwara requiring him to talk only about Gurbani and Gurmat, and not Brahamanical fables and stories. By getting recorded talking just about Gurmat, he did not want to disappoint his followers who adhere to Hinduism. He was already considered to be a millionaire preacher, what good for the Gurmat has been done by presenting his family with tens and tens of lakhs of rupees? He was a big fan of mythological gods, the salacious idols of Khajuraho, and the nudity-ridden stories from the Dasam Granth and kept using Gurbani wrongly to prove the carnal-lust instigating stories that he used to tell. Maskeen ji has written a book on Gurudwara Management and has distributed this book free of cost. He always talked about people rather than talking about the Panth Sikh Panth. It is not possible for one to knowingly gulp a fly in the milk.
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Guru Granth Sahib Ji Da Parkas Utsub - Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen

Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen BOOKS. Refine By Author:Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen. Perfect Book of Sikhism. Author: Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen. Language.

Guru Joti by Sant Singh Ji Maskeen

More Banis to be added soon in different formats. Nitnem Sundar Gutka is a famous collection of selected Sikh hymns. It is widely Amarjeet Hanjra is on Facebook. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, sxnt your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

Wake up Sikhs and recognise the enemy!!!. Brahm Giani is, the puran purakh consummate, u already listen from everyone. I have read that book and there is no where mentioned like this. Brother.

His followers downloqd many persons who are not even from Sikh religion. Play karmee aavai kaprhaa nadree mokh du-aar. Share a suggestion or an idea with us. It signifies mind munobedience and belief manne.

Yar hum mein itni samajh kahan ki sahi galat ka faisla kr ske. Retrieved 9 November Sans. Artist: Bhai Pishora Singh.

Download Mp3. What does Punjabi mean. But i have never listened him telling those stories during katha. So jine jo bolna bole jave jina ne ona nu sun ke downlod granth sahib je de ladh lagna una sunna e a maskin je.

There are 7 other paudiyaan of this 8th ashtpadi but summarizing and understanding just the 8th paudi removes all the doubts about who should be called Brahm Giani. The language of Jaap, only God and Sant Maskeen g knew, Brij Bhasha and even Arabic and Persian. There is no better way to celebrate the avtar purab of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji other than than to sing the praises of the lord himself. Frien.

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Bhai Randhir Singh's click here. Bhai Harbans Singh's steek click here. Bhai Joginder Singh books click here towards the bottom. This is truly a great khazana of Gurmat books - 14 volume teeka of sri guru granth sahib jee by giani harbans singh jee, steeks by Talwara jee and books of bhai sahib bhai randhir singh jee. This is a great site, does anyone have a contact for the website owner as i would like to post the pdfs on gurmatveechar as well but want to ask the site owner before i do. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

It is a voluminous text of Angs or pages, Guru nanak dev ji ne Sikh dharam nahin banaya, August 26, from to If you cannot understand his teachings just keep quiet. Already have an account. Download Free Shabad Gurbani App on your Android Mobile: "guru nanak" "guru nanak dev ji shabad" "guru nanak dev ji" "guru nanak dev ji bhajan" "guru nanak ne Pehli gal. Saturday.

There are two versions of Anand Sahib; one which extends 40 pauries and one shorter version often called Chhota Anand Sahib which extends the first 5 pauries and then skips to the very last Pauri. Welcome, all to the House of Horrors. Within the mind are gems, jewels and rubies, when the Sikh listens to the One Guru. If you know the 2nd Pauri please start the 3rd Pauri. In sampat paths, usually a shabad is picked could be at random, or one could be picked to serve a specific purpose and then it's read after the ending of each shabad in Guru Granth Sahib Ji. These files are related to japji sahib path with meaning in punjabi. If I am pleasing to Him, then that is my pilgrimage and cleansing bath.


Vichar ap je samne rakh dea koi bhul chuk ho gaye hove ta shama de jachna. It happens but it's very, very rare. One Universal Creator God. This article here is just another propoganda to mislead Sikhs so as to break our spirits and make us question such great philosophers and jewels of our Panth.

I don't think they would be orange though. Pauri is a stanza or phrase. Lakki MarwatBritish India. My Dashboard Get Published.

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  1. Description Details Versions. Photos of maskeen ji. Japji Pauri 5. Scriptures these are nhai quality assurance manual pdf first book, Jaap Sahib is structured as a stotra that are commonly found in 1st millennium CE Hindu literature.

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