B and m brown bread recipe

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b and m brown bread recipe

B&M Brown Bread | Shitty Food Blog

Holy North End Batman, this molasses-rich, dense brown bread from Hank is good. We've made it four times in the last month. This delicious loaf is ready to be warmed and enjoyed. It's high in fiber and low in calories — like a giant bran muffin without all the sugar. Moist and sweet with molasses, this steamed quick bread is easier than you think. Notes: The brand of molasses that I used was not labeled "blackstrap" but it so dark and contributed such a deep flavor that I'm assuming that it was.
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New England brown bread - Trippy Food Episode 119

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Hi Debby - This bread is delicious and I think you would like it. By the way I spent most all of my life in Boston, born and raised. Give this novelty bread a try at home or take a can with you on your next camping trip. Related Video.

Guess I am too stuck in Vermont. What is the expiration date on the can. It's a 13oz can. Email Address.

Red hot dogs have a taste all their own. Average rating: 4. You'll receive an email asking you confirm your subscription so please check your spam box if you don't receive that. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Guess I am too stuck in Vermont. Yup, all that red dye is still coursing through rdcipe system. Notes: The brand of molasses that I used was not labeled "blackstrap" but it so dark and contributed such a deep flavor that I'm assuming that it was. This bread is popular with the Germans as it's pumpernickle style.

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Canned Bread for Prepping? B&M Brown Bread Taste Test

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Hopefully that answers a previous poster's question with respect to can size I am from Portland. The other reviewers spent too much text on what kind of tin can to use Do NOT copy. My youngest son moved to Florida and when he got sick he came back to NE.

So last night on Twitter, Lime asked about brown bread in a can. Being a smartass, I tweeted a picture of the can I happened to have in my cupboard. I had no idea brown bread in a can was a New England thing. That led to the following conversation with my husband…. Anyway, back to brown bread in a can. Not really cake. Spongy, but more dense than spongecake.


Yum, and oh the memories? I called my older sister and she remembers it as Bo as well! It adds a trivial amount of fat. You can order online.

Here at Walmart. Hi Teri. I hope you try the recipe, Lizzy? You can use a glass Pyrex 2L or appropriate size beaker, the kind the chemists use.

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  1. Amazing that we both remembered it! Email address. Her lips. It's known as Boston brown bread outside of New England.

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