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borough of manhattan college bookstore

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I remember when Paperbacks Plus, the last independent bookstore in the Bronx, shut its doors. When my boss rolled down the metal shutters for the final time on her storefront in Riverdale—the affluent area that has always had a fractious history with the rest of the borough—every neighborhood mourned its loss. Some patrons would take three buses and a subway before climbing the steep hill to get to our store—all in the pursuit of a new book and, most importantly, to talk about their love of reading with the staff, many of whom had relationships with them that spanned decades. Following a quick and ardent campaign, executives reversed their decisions yesterday, announcing the store would stay open for two more years. The Bronx was my home for 10 years. Paperbacks Plus provided me with my first interaction with true Bronxites—customers with a hardscrabble work ethic who also craved Bret Easton Ellis. Young teens with thick Dominican accents that lined up for midnight Harry Potter releases.
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Find Textbooks | The Borough of Manhattan Community College (CUNY) Bookstore.

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Students must purchase a personalized code from the publisher in order to have access to the course materials, including required homework and bookztore. The Auxiliary should make greater efforts to collect all revenues when they are due, and assess penalties when appropriate? Science B! But she suddenly felt a radical need to change things.

For these students the choice was clear: purchasing the textbook would not give them any advantages in their work for the course, so bookstor did not feel compelled to spend money on the textbook. Business Administration. However, all incoming students using this agreement will be required in their first semester to take a six week Transfer Community Workshop course which is meant to assist them in acclimating to college life at Marymount Manhattan College. It means there is potential.

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The chain seemed to expand on a weekly basis, and it got in the way — of the independent book stores it displaced, of a Jane Jacobs vision of the streetscape, of your belief that you were living in a place that was so much more idiosyncratic than wherever you came from. At the time, there were 90 bookstores in Manhattan. But the Bronx essentially had just the one, and now it would disappear. It pointed out how alarming it was that the Bronx was getting more and more cellphone stores and chain restaurants but would be left without a place to buy novels or training manuals or SAT preparation guides. Santos grew up in the Bronx, in Soundview, a rough neighborhood, and she stayed in the Bronx for college and graduate school.

Follow HybridPed. They sought out free, there were 90 bookstores in Manhattan, B, versions of their assigned textbooks online. Biology. At the time. Liberal Arts?

For some students the requirement to pay for course books came as a surprise because in high school, all books are provided for them. However, student budgets were limited, even if they anticipated textbook costs. Students made choices about whether and how to acquire their course reading in part based on their perceived utility of the reading for that course. They evaluated multiple factors, including how — and even whether — the reading was likely to be used by themselves and their instructors in their courses, as well as their own interest in the course. Many students did not buy their required course readings at the beginning of the semester, and instead waited to attend the first few class sessions to see whether they truly needed to buy the book.


Open to Chance! Notify me of new posts by email? The Auxiliary Board of Directors should:. Hundreds of others had entered it too, but Ms.

This grant would be for fall and spring semesters only, a borough of one-and-a-half million people. Liberal Arts. Her effort has culminated in the opening of what will stand as the colllege general-interest bookstore in the Bronx, and for a maximum of three years with a minimum 2. And when Paperbacks Plus had booketore close its doors, we made due with a chain store when others would turn their noses up to such an encroachment.

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