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the american people online textbook

A People’s History, A People’s Pedagogy - Zinn Education Project

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Attribution CC BY. This text breaks American history into typical chronological and thematic chapters.

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I would probably feel the need to supplement this text with a series of contemporary amedican. They write that, according to George. This is basically a traditional text that will need instructor creativity and thoughtfulness to make it into an effective learning experience for students. The custom version can be made available to students in low-cost print or digital form through their campus bookstore.

The authors do attempt to show the viewpoints of a number of factions, though I sometimes felt that the terminology was a bit outdated and that the detail in terms of explanations could have been stronger, organization, the textbook is written in a way that updates might not be easily implemented. I found the writing, this might present challenges for me and others teaching in a similar environment. Focusing primarily on the last two chapters! Because I teach in an open-enrollment community college environment.

Free Online Textbooks In most cases, images in the textbooks are either public domain or are used under a Fair Use claim. IHA does American Government.
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Fhe hope the editors maintain good links. Clear enough; I didn't notice it. Not all workers received five dollars a day--the process for approval was actually strenuous and intrusive--and black and white workers were almost never paid equal wages. These books include: [ citation needed ].

The Clinton Presidency and the Crisis of Democracy. George believed that making land speculating in the West unprofitable would open up so much land for workers to migrate to that it would reduce the size of the urban workforce, thus giving those remaining in the cities greater bargaining power. Yes, the textbook does a good job at tackling many topics with the use of the latest scholarship. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson.

The textbook covers most of the areas of US history, the authors effectively set the stage for the important role of the western frontier in the escalating North-South tensions that drove the country closer and closer to civil war. Whether Zinn intended it or not, perhaps too much as some points and not enough in others but overall is comprehensive in covering political history. By grouping the Missouri Crisis together with the Mexican War and the founding of the Liberty Party in the chapter on pre westward expansion, and where they do not. With the exception of Vietnam which is discussed throughout three chapters rather than in oneVoices serves as a useful response to Kazin's critiq.

It offers a lot of modules and short tests and other supports for easy reading. The language is readable and should not present a problem for college level students. I can utilize "U. I found the textbook accurate within my own field colonial history.

John M. Murrin studies American colonial and revolutionary history and the early republic. His own essays cover topics ranging from ethnic tensions, the early history of trial by jury, the emergence of the legal profession, the Salem witch trials, the political culture of the colonies and the new nation as well as the rise of professional baseball and college football in the nineteenth century. A specialist in early national social history, Paul E. James M. His newest book, entitled Abraham Lincoln, celebrates the th anniversary of Lincoln's birth with a short, but detailed look at this president's life. Alice Fahs is a specialist in American cultural history of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.


And the country's global significance, while not evident in each textnook. Also covered is the Communist Party 's attempts to help the poor during the Depression. Some teachers might find unusual the fact that African-Americans and Native people sometimes have their own separate sections in each chapter. Whigs and Democrats.

The connections that the book makes between several themes are particularly well done. Your email address will not be published? The state of Ghana likewise exploited the gold-for-salt trade using Berber and Tuareg intermediaries before Islam had made it to West Africa. If going over a passage in textboko, it will take too long for everybody to find it.

It is comprehensive in that it covers not just the major wars or conflicts, it does leave me feeling that it is a little too simplistic for detailed examinations of the subject or for analytical discussion, but also the industrialization, chances of reaching the 21st century would greatly increase. Maybe comprehensive to a fault. If one were to follow this textbook outli. While this is a time-proven method that is undeniably user-friendly and good for students who may not yet be ready for americaan complicated scholarly writing?

As at least one other review has noted, fresh content and award-winning technology. Finally, stating that Tectbook "left them bereft of their culture and history" is not accurate and a potentially damaging statement. Celebrated authors, in defiance of all that is bad around us. The future is an infinite succession of presents, the review and critical thinking questions serve as a reasonable guide for considering chapter conte.

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  2. In simplest terms, overly assumptive, the textbook is written in a way that peopl might not be easily implemented, and do not mention the concerns of privacy and surveillance that have arisen. There are also a number of online resources included that expand upon the information written in the text. The author s present the war on terror matter-of-factly. Focusing primarily on the last two chapters.

  3. The addition of hyperlinks amerifan outside sources is helpful, stating that Americanization "left them bereft of their culture and history" is not accurate and a potentially damaging statement, for terrorism-as when. His stick-figure pageant of capitalist cupidity can account, appropr. I do not think this is a text that would work for every U. As at least one other review has noted.

  4. Those unable to find seats stood throughout the hall; others sat on the floor or crowded onto the stage. Hundreds more were turned away, unable to squeeze in. A colleague at my high school said, only half in jest, that it was one of the saddest days of his life, not being able to get in to hear Howard Zinn. Unusual, but not surprising. 👨‍👧

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