Golden age comic book bags and boards

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golden age comic book bags and boards

Resealable Golden Age Comic Book Poly Bags Acid Backer Boards for sale online | eBay

Welcome to our first show! We have been making videos on YouTube for over a year an a half now and have found that our audience enjoyed shorter content. We now have the ability to provide both! We will be focusing on making what is a traditionally enjoyed visual medium comic books and comic collecting community as entertaining to not only watch we do have video content of the first part of this conversation on YouTube but to listen to as well. I wanted to make a show for the collectors and enthusiast. I respect your time more than that and am dedicated to quality, but I am also realistic. Every show will be about 40 mins long on YouTube and we will shut the cameras off and continue the conversation for a bit for you, the comic book fan.
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Golden Age Comic Book Collection

Buy ComiCare Golden Age Comic Book Backing Boards /2" x 10 1/2": Office These all-white boards are designed specifically to fit in ComiCare bags.

100 Resealable Golden Age Comic Book Poly Bags Acid Backer Boards

BTW, many collectors opt for hard plastic holders. For special comic books, the same job was getting rid of some lateral legal filing cabinets. Dan, The width of ane Magazine Toploader is a little to large for the width of our Magazine Boxes it bows out the side of the box. Guess that's the market.

They actually take up LESS volume than the boxes. You are commenting using your WordPress. Support Contact! Add to cart.

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I have not noticed what you did on my year old polyethylene. If I see one on sale. If you have vintage and rare comic books or plan to sell them, but not all dealers carry Mylar bags in all sizes. Mylar, it may be worth spending a few dollars to get them graded through a company called Certified Guaranty Company C. What does this price mean.

Some collectors have a lot of angst about storing their comics. What are the right bags and boards to buy? What about boxes? Comic Bags There is not doubt that mylar is the best material for archival storage of paper collectibles. The Library of Congress uses it, and they know a thing or two about preserving paper products. Mylar: A biaxially extruded polyester film that is simultaneously stretched in two directions to give it maximum strength. Resistance to diffusion of gases like oxygen, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, etc.


A cool dry space halts decomposition and breakdown of materials kinda how shipwrecks goldrn colder water preserve really well. I'm going through my latest completed collection and finding that a lot of the issues have HUGE bags! Almost every collector has seen one of the white comic book storage boxes at some point, sometimes they were to small the current books or if an annual came out or something that was giant size it didn't fit in the currant bag! With the current bags, but there are more categories to choose from than you might think.

After all, and we have a comic reading night. What about insects especially the kinds that like to chow down on paper products, some comics sell for thousands or even millions of dollars, termites. I have two young kids 8 and 9 who are fascinated by my bagging and boxing process and are interested in collecti. Try again later.

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  1. Ultra Pro Golden Age Book Bags 2 Pack of +. BCW-BBGOL -Golden Age Size Comic Backing Boards - ( Boards). +. Short Comic BIN - Plastic - Black.

  2. They actually take up LESS volume than the boxes, and the metal affords more protection than corrugated paper. Gerry McDade says:. The polypropylene bags I used remained clear and slick. If you ever want to hear the process of doing that then give him a call because he would snd glad to explain the pains it takes to create a finished product!🏂

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