The invention of wings book club questions and answers

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the invention of wings book club questions and answers

‘The Invention of Wings’ Book Club Discussion Questions – Scraping Raisins

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‘The Invention of Wings’ Book Club Discussion Questions

Doing so brought her alive for me. The novel is presented as a story about two characters, Sarah and Handful. Had you heard of the Denmark Vesey slave plot before reading this novel. Why do you think the myth of the happy, compliant slave endured.

Wings mean freedom. Did this book meet your expectations. It took eight years after graduating from college for me to break out and pursue writing. I fell in love with their story.

This is also a novel about family relationships and history, particularly as seen through the women in the story. Biography of Octavia E. What does having an ally mean when facing a difficult task. Did this novel give you tne new perspectives on slavery.

Floating alone in the water, far from the tether, telling her to go north. Did you think the sisters were justified in not making it. Lat? Load 1 more question.

The Invention of Wings - Reading Groups. Who is the protagonist and antagonist in this book. I was especially drawn to Sarah. She inspired other suffragists like Lucretia Mott.

I had to find Sarah in my imagination, as well as in history. Could somebody explain the title to me! Discuss how the novel brings that to light. Do you think their relationship with each other is central to how they developed.

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What happens when you cross a former teacher with a blog? You get some very nerdy academic shenanigans going on like book discussion questions. I thought it might benefit those of you who may not have the time or desire to channel their inner middle school language arts teacher like I do. The chapters alternate between these points of view and walk us through their li ves as the United States begins to awaken to the injustices of slavery. P acked with imagery and symbolism, this book provided a great discussion for our first book club.


The question then became how to emancipate herself physically. And yet, whose entire lives were determined by their owners and whose suffering was infinitely worse, other women and slaves. It struck me as fascinating and more than coincidental that she gives herself to the Quakers! Understanding onvention time and the family Sarah was brought up .

All rights reserved! It takes a special person not only to live in hell, she even got punished on her terms the upside down can warning her that she had been caught! Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Even when she knew she would get punished, but to define it and bend it to their terms?

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