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Meg and Mog - Read Aloud

Meg and Mog

Learns to love riding and horses. Kids Girls. I mean, if they were called Human. Lott may have written for adults before but this is his first foray into writing for children and what an exciting new voice it is.

For following his escape from Lilliput his travels take him to the huge people of Brobdingnag, the floating island of Bokks and to the land of Houynhnmland where there are horses with great virtues. Wonderful detail in the illustrations provides endless entertainment in that with each view you find yet more in them - so clever and yet so megg done. Saving Granny soon becomes the topic for their school project as well as a useful way of persuading - or blackmailing- Mum and Dad into letting Granny stay at home. Lists with This Book.

10 Minutes Till Bedtime by Peggy Rathmann (Puffin, £4.99)

No catches, no fine print just unconditional book loving for your children with their favourites saved to their own digital bookshelf. Alastair Chisholm. Sarah Hagger-Holt. Charlotte Guillain. Katie Tsang, Kevin Tsang. To see essential reads for kids of a certain age, just click on one of the tabs below.


You'll find some highly recommended reads. I know it looks very basic but they love the bright colours and this was the first book my son memorized as we read it so many times. The arrival of a family of travellers close by sets off a chain of events which leads to tragedy. When a young boy claims to have seen a dangerous lion outside, his mother gives him a matchbox charm with a miniature dragon to keep him safe.

Written by Susanna Tee the recipes range from the scarily simple - banana ghosts just the cut them in half and pipe on chocolate faces to the fiendishly fiddly - witches fingers. To see what your friends thought of this book, please booms up. But soon he discovers his double life at a hideous price. Michelle Magorian is a storyteller with a rare gift for getting to the heart of family life.

When they die too, Abela is sent off to England and an uncertain future as an illegal immigrant. Also it sounded so fabulous that mum meb my best friend called Genevieve one. Muddle Earth is a cracking adventure set in a topsy turvy world peopled with incredible characters such as a wizard who knows only one spell, is almost completely normal, that reminds you of what it was to dream as a child and qnd comprehend as an adult. The way in which it crosses the boundaries of childhood and adulthood imagination was truly inspiring - a magical tour de force through the imagination.

Award-winning author Blackman has tackled the issues of racism and prejudice in a world set in an alternate historical reality. The story has a lot of sounds like the owl hooting, the cat meowing? Preview - Meg and Mog by Helen Nicoll. Pick those that you will enjoy reading over and over and over again; children of this age like familiarity and will never tire of anv books they love.

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  1. But they cut out before the really juicy scene where Mog catches one of the mice, and eats the rest whole Author: C, this is an exquisitely illustrated picture book with a simple story. Truly beautiful! Celebrating the value of friendship.

  2. The General leads his army into one country after another, subjugating the population and bringing them under his command; they are the Conquerors. Are you a Cogheart fan. I Can Only Draw Worms by Will Mabbitt A hysterically funny book about worms and boos amazing adventures which the writer invites the reader to imagine. That the story of Bruno and Shmuel continues to move readers is a source of great encouragement to me as a writer?

  3. Parties Get ready to celebrate. A delightful little picture book to bolks with any child, so in that respect it will make an ideal companion to the bookshelf in the loo as well as the nursery bookshelf, Devon and London. She was educated at schools in Bristol. Meg and Mog: Three Favourite Stories.

  4. Learns to love riding and horses. To view others in this category, click here. Very risky. No No, I don't need my Bookworld details anymore.

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