The yard and garden answer book

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the yard and garden answer book

Meet Laura LeBoutillier of Garden Answer | Gardener's Supply

In gardening, the possibilities are endless. So are the questions. How do I start a garden? What do I need to know? Where do I begin? What should I do first?
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The Yard & Garden Answer Book: 1, Ways to Kill Weeds, Repel Pests, Perk Up Plants, and More - Without Spending a Fortune Think a beautiful.

The Yard & Garden Answer Book

Q: How often do I need to water. The book explains the value of mulch and compost to beat prolonged dry and wet soil conditions, and design tricks to offset damage wrought by volatile weather. Fresh-Picked Gifts New? It was icy blue with a super strong structure and that's what I wanted but I didn't know it spread like wildfire and it was coming up in my lawn-everywhere.

This and the aforementioned school field which was replaced by artificial turf used to have some value as a habitat for birds and other creatures but both are now ecological dead zones. A related subject is the use of recycled rubber tires also used in synthetic turf infill as mulch in gardens. Below the Mason-Dixon line, it can also be shorthand for "the lawn" or for "grass," as in "I'm going out to mow the yard. And I think this goes for any perennial or grass that you don't realize is a garden thug and wants to take over your life and your whole yard.

So edge perennial beds the British way, with an 8-inch-deep trench. This helpful hardback is her eighth book: a month-by-month practical guide to growing your own fruit and veg. So are the questions. Small-space gardeners hankering for the chance to grow fruit and veg will love this book.

What is the first vegetable you grew yourself. Get bold and make borders or beds 6, 8. I planted blue dune lyme grass Leymus arenarius. Can You Compost Shrimp Shells.

Master Gardener Volunteers Manual

Search Results for: Lawn alternatives Search the catalog for: Lawn alternatives. What is the best way to encourage moss to take over and cover large surface areas in a relatively short amount of time? My goal is to replace my lawn with a moss garden. Rubin gives directions for preparing your site, which involve digging out existing plants or--in your case--smothering the lawn with mulches of leaves 12 inches , bark 3 inches , or newspaper 10 sheets thick. Schenk offers several different methods for creating a moss garden.

Some gardeners do everything by the books. Presented by Laura from Garden Answer. No--It's a Sawfly. Spring Bulb Troubles Canada geese. Use store-bought potting mix.

Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. Laura LeBoutillier is an internet sensation. And in the gardening world, that's saying something! To watch her videos, you'd think Laura spends most of her time in the garden. And by most standards, she probably does.


You are commenting using your Twitter account. What is the best way to encourage moss to take over and cover large surface areas in a relatively short amount of time? For example…. I had planned to ring the doorbell to meet the gardeners and learn more about this intriguing garden?

You may spark new ideas, see problems. Is there anything you regret planting. I've played since I was four," says Laura. But this probably depends on your region.

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