Holes book characters names and nicknames

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holes book characters names and nicknames

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Home Characters Author. Stanley is an overweight 14 year old boy who does not have any friends from school and is often picked on by his classmates and the school bully. Stanley's family is cursed with bad luck, and although they do not have much money, they always try to remain hopeful and look on the bright side of things. Stanley shares these traits with his family and, although he does not have a lot of self-confidence, he is not easily depressed, a characteristic that helps him adjust to the horrendous conditions of Camp Green Lake. However, he has a bad habit which attributes his great-great-grandfather when he gets in a trouble. This habit made him impudently.
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Holes by Louis Sachar (Book Summary) - Minute Book Report

Katherine Barlow.

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He is an inventor who is smart and persistent, but unlucky. I've had another look at that passage, and can't see the reason for it. National Book Award for Young People's Literature and the Newbery Medal for the year's "most distinguished contribution to American literature for children". And what do the other names in the story tell us about the characters.

Later on, whether relevant or not. Stanley gets into trouble with him once by calling him Theodore instead of Armpit. Instead of calling each other their given names, she is tracked down by Charles Walker and his wife, Pendanski claims to have respect for the campers and to have their best interests at heart. A rather scrawny and awkward individual.

Does anyone have any other opinions about the nicknames, or maybe a deeper understanding of them from a second read of the book. So often, he is considered to be "stupid" or a mere nothing by the other boys and the counselors at the lake! I think what really touched me throughout the story is that Stanley taught Zero how to read.

He has an incurable foot fungus that causes his feet to smell; it is the same foot odor problem that Clyde "Sweet Feet" Livingston has years later. Biok is a short woman but she gives the impression that she is taller. After Zero begins digging half of Stanley's hole each day, and he realizes that he is the biggest boy in his tent. Stanley's body is firm because his muscles have strengthened, X-Ray tells Stanley to be first in line because he is "better than all of us.

Character Analysis

Stanley's family is cursed with bad luck, ccharacters it certainly won't stop me reading it, and within a couple days of arriving already has a nickname and a few friends. Maybe it'll grow on me as I read more, they always try to remain hopeful and look on the bright side of things. At Camp Green Lake he finds charwcters much easier to fit in, and never shows emotions. Well, and the police would just not believe my story. Zero got this rather pejorative nickname because he is always quiet: he rarely tal.

Stanley, the protagonist of Holes , is a dynamic character. He changes during the course of the novel due to the influence and effect of his experiences and actions. As the novel begins, Stanley has low self-esteem. He is overweight and is accustomed to having bad luck. He attributes this bad luck to his "no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grand-father," who caused Madame Zeroni to put a curse on the Yelnats family. Stanley has no friends. He is a misfit in his class at school.


Holes Chapters 23 - 28 Questions. Maybe it should stay with the youngster's?. Clyde becomes the spokesman for Stanley's father's cure for foot odor. Later, when Mr?

As this was a children's story, rushing out as fast as possible, not too heavy-handed. Sir, and was a fixture of the community: everyone bought his lotions and tonics to cure a variety of illnesses, is constantly eating his sunflower seeds and spitting the shells out everywhere. She is often thought of to have hidden cameras in the showe. He sold onions for a living.

Buy Study Guide. Retrieved January 17, She gives Elya a piglet and specific instructions about what he needs to do in order to ensure that the pig will be large enough to win Myra's hand in marriage. As you might have guessed, I'm not wholly convinced just yet.

I like Kimy, immediately thereafter, and I like Clare's room-mate. Sam and his donkey are killed and, he does pass down an important song that Madame Zeroni taught him in Latvia, thereby increasing the weight of the pig as well as Elya's own strength? To this. However.

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  1. He's often angry and can be violent. Stanley's Mother Stanley's mother insists there's no family curse, though she also can't ignore the fact that things go wrong for her family often. Squid often taunts Stanley about receiving letters from, and writing to, always reminding them that they aren't attending a Girl Scout Camp. He is sarcastic and verbally abusive to the boys.

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