best book on the templars The Knights Templar was a large organization of devout Christians during the medieval era who carried out an important mission: to protect European travelers visiting sites in the Holy Land while also carrying out military operations. A wealthy, powerful and mysterious order that has fascinated historians and the public for centuries, tales of the Knights Templar, their financial acumen, their military prowess and their work on behalf of Christianity during the Crusades still circulate throughout modern culture. After Christian armies captured Jerusalem from Muslim control in during the Crusades , groups of pilgrims from across Western Europe started visiting the Holy Land. Many of them, however, were robbed and killed as they crossed through Muslim-controlled territories during their journey. Around , a French knight named Hugues de Payens created a military order along with eight relatives and acquaintances, calling it the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon—later known simply as the Knights Templar.

margaret atwood books best sellers Margaret Atwood is a famous Canadian author. She has numerous critically acclaimed novels to her credit. She is famous for her feminist and dystopian political themes, and her prolific output of work spans multiple genres, including poetry, short stories, and essays.

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best books to learn sql programming Structured Query Language SQL is the most popular language used to create, access, manipulate, query and manage databases. The language was developed in the s. There are a lot of books available to learn SQL for both beginners and advanced learners. Here you will get the best SQL books which will help you to go further in your career. In these books, you will find practical tips and detailed instructions on how to learn the SQL language more efficiently and effectively.

best books to bring on a long flight Call me old-fashioned, but I cannot travel without bringing a book along. Sometimes this book is literally old—I brought a vintage edition of The Grapes of Wrath with me on a flight earlier this year—and sometimes it's simply familiar. I've read it a dozen times, but there's something about imagining those Midwesterners partying in a West Egg mansion that's uniquely satisfying when boats are beating against the current just out of view.

best selling entrepreneur books of all time Maybe you need a little inspiration to rev up your engines, or you could use some advice on how to be a better manager and bring your business to new heights. Whatever entrepreneurial advice you need, sitting down and reading one of these best books for entrepreneurs can be one of the best ways to get it. What are the best books for entrepreneurs.

best book for educational psychology Here are just a few of them. In this eminently readable book, Willingham takes findings from cognitive science and applies them to the classroom in a straightforward and practical way. A central claim in this book is that while we are naturally curious, we are not naturally good at thinking and can only truly think about things we know.

best neil gaiman childrens books There are few creative minds who actually achieve the rank of genius, but Neil Gaiman is an author, writer, producer, and creator that is truly the embodiment of the word. Gaiman's creations have existed in books, comics, TV and movie scripts, and a plethora of other written material. The man is simply an incredible storyteller. His talents are just so versatile that we have to talk about his incredible gift for stories.

best philosophy books of 2016 Of the many books I read in , these are the sixteen that moved me most deeply and memorably. And since I stand with Susan Sontag, who considered reading an act of rebirth , I invite you to revisit the annual favorites for , , and You die alone. Indeed, her choice to leave home and wander a foreign city is itself a rich metaphor for the paradoxical nature of loneliness, animated by equal parts restlessness and stupor, capable of turning one into a voluntary vagabond and a catatonic recluse all at once, yet somehow a vitalizing laboratory for self-discovery. There were things that burned away at me, not only as a private individual, but also as a citizen of our century, our pixelated age..

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