10 inch layer cake recipe

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10 inch layer cake recipe

Double Chocolate Layer Cake recipe | golden-agristena.com

However, this vanilla layer cake recipe blows them all out of the water!! This recipe is a butter cake recipe, and not a sponge cake recipe. This is important to note, because it has a denser texture than a fluffy sponge cake. In fact, this recipe is so easy to make, I call it a fool-proof recipe! My vanilla cake recipe comes together in one bowl! The butter and buttermilk in the recipe give it an amazing taste.
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My quantities for a 10" round cake!

Layered with a creamy fudge frosting, this easy-to-make cake is moist with a deep chocolate flavor. My favorite choice for a classic celebration cake! One day, he just packed up his stuff and left me to peruse his goals at Yale University.

The Most Amazing Vanilla Cake Recipe

Not springing back up in the center. Yes, absolutely. I was wondering what size cake box can I use?. Thank you for the sweet words Irene.

Add to the mixing bowl and mix until everything is just combined! Hi Michelle. I followed the recipe closely with a few modifications - 1 tsp. Is it possible it was overbaked.

Cake flour tends to make a cake a lot lighter as it has less gluten. Mine also did not rise high enough but my baking powder was fresh. Did you do that. So I start over and lowered my oven by 25 degrees.

I made a mocha buttercream for between the layers and made 1. Hi Ashley, are you making two layer cakes. So glad I found this cake recipe. Thanks for sharing your recipes.

Visual Learner? Watch me make this Southern Little Layer Cake from start to finish! Ahhh the Southern Little Layer Cake…have you ever heard of such a thing?
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Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Buttercream

Our favorite cake to make. I was thinking of just doubling the recipe and using the left over as cupcakes. Made this! Thank you so much. Hi Chelsa This is my new go to recipe.

A recipe and tutorial on how to make my favorite chocolate layer cake with a simple homemade chocolate buttercream frosting. This recipe is easy to make and turns out perfect every single time! Last Thursday I shared a post on how to make my favorite chocolate buttercream frosting. Sure it takes a little extra time, but the feeling of baking something completely from scratch is worth it. The chocolate cake for this recipe can be made in one bowl and mixed up using just a whisk. First things first, start out by spraying your cake pans with nonstick cooking spray and lining them with some parchment paper. I made the mistake of not lining my pans the first time I made this cake and they would not come out of the pan.


So love your cakes. Thank you for the recipe, the cake was truly delicious. One batch of cake batter makes about grams, so when I'm making a cake with four layer. Any tips how can I make it successful?

So sorry for the delayed response!! Thank you for taking the time to share, but was not happy about it. Nephew got 2, with a flower nail inserted in the center to ca,e them bake more evenly? I think I usually bake them for mins, comments like this really do make my day!!.

The tang is for sure due to the buttermilk. I like to make tiers that vary by 2 inches. Reply Simone June 10, at am My pans are 2. Would I need to increase the batter by just half or how would you suggest doing this?.

Made your recipe using cake flour, and it worked out beautifully. The cake is simply a modest little vehicle for the frosting. Or do you have a fecipe cake recipe that uses vegetable oil instead of butter. Could you recommend how much batter, the sizes of the pans?

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  1. If you wish to have thinner cake layers, simply divide the recipe ingredients I used this formula to convert the 8-inch recipe for 6-inch and inch round pans.

  2. Grease the pans and flour lightly. We did pretty good. This will occur after about minutes total! You will need to prepare the cake for covering by first coating it in buttercream, letting the frosting set in the fridge.

  3. It never disappoints. Basically any White cake I need to make and then I just modify with flavours and extras. Hi Danielle, I made your cake recipe a couple days ago and it came out great. If I reduced the sugar would that mess up the recipe.

  4. This Classic Vanilla Cake recipe pairs fluffy vanilla cake layers with a silky vanilla buttercream. Cool your cakes in the pans for 10mins.

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